NeuroCheck 6.x - Whitepaper

NeuroCheck 6.x – Whitepaper

Compact expert knowledge supports you in your work with NeuroCheck

Our white papers provide comprehensive supplementary technical information about NeuroCheck (PDF documents). Written by our engineers, our whitepapers show problem areas, provide solution approaches, methods and best cases.

Note: To read the PDF documents you need the Acrobat Reader.

NeuroCheck AI-Xtension

Image Stack Acquisition

Image Stack Acquisition – Example Project*

Checklist for using NCCG cameras

Substitution of NCF camera with NCG camera

Diagnostics Tool Actions

Process View and Control Panel Design

Running NeuroCheck on Windows 10

NeuroCheck Parallel Instances

Performance Optimization Automatic Screen

Problem Step Recorder

Procedure for upgrading dongle licenses

The data for the sample project are summarized in a ZIP file.

  1. Copy the file into an arbitrary directory on your NeuroCheck system.
  2. Unpack the ZIP file
  3. Please follow the instructions of the Readme file contained. 
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