NeuroCheck Pattern Recognition

Detection of Patterns in large amounts of data

Application Example for Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition is about finding certain shapes and geometric structures. Barcodes, plain text or any symbols can also be used to identify parts. However, in order to obtain accurate, reliable and repeatable results, the image processing system must be able to match trained patterns quickly and precisely. The neural networks used by NeuroCheck can learn to recognize any pattern using examples and can therefore be flexibly adapted to a wide variety of tasks.

NeuroCheck Pattern Recognition on a circuit board (Image © NeuroCheck)

NeuroCheck inspects circuit boards

NeuroCheck pattern recognition involves capturing graphical / geometric elements and text patterns, such as barcodes or labels, which must fulfill certain specifications in their appearance. The arrangement of elements on printed circuit boards can also be checked by pattern recognition. In production and technology, pattern recognition has become an integral part of quality assurance in the context of industrial machine vision.

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NeuroCheck Contact

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