NeuroCheck 6.2 - Updates

NeuroCheck Version 6.2 – Updates

New Features, Revisions and Bugfixes

NeuroCheck 6.2 Software Update

  • Note: Update of an existing installation

  • Version: 6.2.24

  • Date: February 7th, 2024

  • Size: 265 MB

Release History Notes

  • Note: English language

  • Version: 6.2.24

  • Date: February 7th, 2024

* Note for installation EXE files – The update is an executable EXE file. Proceed as follows:

  1. Copy the file into an arbitrary directory on your NeuroCheck system.
  2. You need Administrator permissions to execute the update package.
  3. Start the installation by double-clicking the file.
  4. Please follow the instruction.
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