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Robotics Solutions for Complex Inspection Tasks

Dynamic processes with a high number of variants

Our powerful and integrated robotic test stations offer high flexibility with regard to lighting situations, working distances and test positions. In combination with the focus-variable liquid lens, complex test tasks with dynamic sequences and a high variety of variants can be realized. Compared to conventional multi-camera test systems, a robotic test station can be expanded cost-effectively. If a new inspection feature is added, no new camera has to be installed, only a new position has to be paved. This considerably reduces the customer’s costs compared to the conventional test system. Even the initial commissioning remains favorable and can be extended economically.

NeuroCheck RoboDirector (Image © NeuroCheck)

NeuroCheck Flow Control NCRoboDirector

To create a link between the controller unit of the robot and the image precessing software, the RoboDirector flow control was designed. Robot Positions and paths can be easily created and managed. In addition, each position can be assigned a specific safety position to quarantee safe operation even in unusual situations. Teaching each position is simple, no elaborate programming.

Variable focal length lenses

Our robotic inspection systems use elastic polymer lenses that allow to focus quickly by changing the focal length. The additional degree of freedom gained from being able to change the lens shape facilitates the design of compact optical inspection systems that use less mechanical components and have a shorter response time. Our robotics flyer contains further information on our RoboInspector solutions.

Focus Variable Lens - Working principle of ML-20-35 (Image © Optotune)
Focus Variable Lens - Working principle of EL-10-30 (Image © Optotune)
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NeuroCheck Contact

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