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NeuroCheck System Training

We pass on product and expert knowledge gained from experience

Participants of our System Training Course will gain in-depth insight into the workings of NeuroCheck software and the various ways in which to adapt it individually to the vision task at hand. Get to know an efficient way to operate and handle the system to be able to utilize the complete potential of our system solutions.

To register, please e-mail us.


  • Operation in manual and automatic mode
  • Description of inspection goals (tasks / principle approaches)
  • NeuroCheck process views (visualized contents)
  • Automatic mode setting options (for ex. editable values, camera reference images)
  • Image storage (file locations, activation/deactivation of image storage process)
  • Project/Data structure (folders, configuration files etc.)
  • Check routine structure (single checks, inspection strategies, data)
  • Offline analysis methods (images/results/signals) and check routine optimization methods related to concrete projects
  • Creating/Recovering project versions
  • Examples, exercises using training notebooks

Target Group

  • Vision system process managers (perhaps also maintenance personnel)


  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows
  • NeuroCheck Software Training (or similar knowledge) or practical experience in NeuroCheck industrial vision systems


  • To be able to focus on special issues and questions concerning the implementation of complete systems, we offer operator traing on the customer’s site. Please contact us for operator training courses and quote the number of participants via e-mail. Subject to change without prior notice.

Registration Information

  • Duration 1 day
  • Project dokumentation (on USB stick)
  • 4 participants
  • Dates and pricing on request
  • Certificate
  • At customer’s site (directly at the station)
  • To register, please e-mail us.
Subject to change without notice.

Other NeuroCheck Training Courses

Comprehensive and hands-on

NeuroCheck Software Training (Image © NeuroCheck)

Software Training

During our two-day software training, participants become familiar with the comprehensive image processing functionality within the NeuroCheck software and the manifold ways to utilize it for integration into production processes and quality assurance systems.

NeuroCheck Hardware Training (Image © NeuroCheck)

Hardware Training

Our Hardware Training Course gives you comprehensive knowledge about the optimum way to configure and manage camera inspection systems. Participants will learn how to integrate hardware components and replace them if need be. Furthermore, various methods for tracking down errors and generating backups are introduced.

NeuroCheck Operator Training (Image © NeuroCheck)

Operator Training

The Operator Instruction is for skilled personnel operating and parameterizing inspection systems based on NeuroCheck. Main topics are hardware configuration, remote control, optimization during automatic operation and much more.

NeuroCheck Contact

If you have any questions, please contact us directly

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Information about our training

Our training team will gladly answer your questions and advise you which of our training courses is right for you. You can reach our training team by e-mail or by phone at +49 7146 8956-0.

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