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3rd-party Devices

NeuroCheck bundles the know-how of leading component manufacturers

GenICam Logo (Image © NeuroCheck)

One driver to rule them all – NeuroCheck releases new GenICam GenTL based driver for 2D and 3D cameras

June 1st, 2022 |​ NeuroCheck further expands its image processing platform. Attach any 2D or 3D sensor based on GenICam GenTL with our new driver package GenICamTL to NeuroCheck…

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Our partners for high-performance components

Nerian (Image © Nerian)
Scarlet 3D Cameras (Image © Nerian)

Allied Vision is a manufacturer of high performance cameras for machine vision and scientific applications.

Device driver Download:

NeuroCheck Technology Partner BASLER (Image © BASLER)
BASLER - Area and Line Scan Cameras (Image © BASLER)

The product line of BASLER cameras includes a wide range of area and line scan cameras. The Basler NeuroCheck driver enables the operation of BASLER GigE and USB 3.0 cameras with NeuroCheck 6.1 software. The NeuroCheck GenICam driver enables the operation of BASLER GigE and USB 3.0 cameras with NeuroCheck 6.2 software.

Device driver Download:

NeuroCheck Technology Partner HIKROBOT (Image © HIKROBOT)
HIKROBOT - Machine Vision Cameras (Image © HIKROBOT)

HIKROBOT offers image processing components for industrial use, including 2D & 3D cameras, lenses, vision controllers, industrial smart cameras and accessories.

Device driver Download:

» NC6.2 Driver GenICamTL 2D

NeuroCheck Technology Partner IDS (Image © IDS)
IDS - μEye Cameras (Image © IDS)

With the μEye cameras (USB, GigE) with a large variety of sensors and variants, IDS offers powerful, versatile and easy-to-use components. The μEye NeuroCheck Interface allows the integration of μEye cameras into the NeuroCheck software.

Device driver Download:

NeuroCheck Technology Partner KEYENCE (Image © KEYENCE)
Keyence VJ-3000 (Image © Keyence)

The open device interface of the image processing platform NeuroCheck was used by KEYENCE to make the new high-end image acquisition controllers of the VJ-3000 series usable in NeuroCheck.

Device driver Download:

» KEYENCE VJ Software Suite & NC Driver


LMI Technology (Image © LMI)
LMI Gocator 3D Sensors (Image © LMI)

The intelligent Gocator all-in-one 3D sensors are used worldwide as reliable sensors for automated inline inspection.

Device driver Download:

» NC6.2 Driver GenICamTL 3D


NeuroCheck Technology Partner MATRIX VISION (Image © MATRIX VISION)
MATRIX VISION - Industrial Cameras (Image © MATRIX VISION)

Industrial cameras from MATRIX VISION enable seamless quality control for resource-efficient and at the same time fast production. The interface to NeuroCheck offers the integration of the device families mvBlueFOX and mvBlueCOUGAR.

Device driver Download:


Optonic (Image © Optonic)
Optonic Ensonso 3D Cameras (Image © Optonic)

From high-resolution, small viewing areas up to 8 m³ volume coverage, Ensenso sensors impress with their flexibility and speed.

Device driver Download:

» NC6.2 Driver 3D-Camera Ensenso

SICK (Image © SICK)
SICK Kameras (Image © SICK)

SICK’s high performance 2D- und 3D- cameras are suitable for a wide range of applications in which measurement, localization, testing and identification are carried out.

All GenICam compatible cameras from the product portfolio (MidiCam2, Ruler3000, Ranger3) can be operated directly in NeuroCheck via the generic interface.

Device driver Download:

NeuroCheck Technology Partner THE IMAGING SOURCE (Image © THE IMAGING SOURCE)

THE IMAGING SOURCE is a leading manufacturer of industrial cameras for factory automation and quality assurance. The comprehensive range of cameras offers cameras with interfaces for USB 3.1, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, GigE, MIPI. There is also an interface for integration into NeuroCheck.

Device driver Download:

» IC NeuroCheck Driver for NeuroCheck 6.1

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