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Welcome to our team!

Solid work with long-term development opportunities

We are an owner-managed business with strategic long-term orientation. Respectful interaction, team-oriented working atmosphere, mutual appreciation, and constructive cooperation characterize our work environment. We offer our employees an environment with creative freedom, individual responsibility, and attractive salary models.

Our corporate values are the basis for our success

Common values make our company unique, further cohesion, and enable a cooperative
atmosphere. Our values are mandatory and shape relations within the business and those with our customers, suppliers, and other business partners.

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Creative Freedom

Our employees enjoy a working environment where they can take an active part and act on their own responsibility. This promotes individual growth of everyone.

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Attractive work schedule models offer employees a high degree of flexibility. A healthy balance between working hours and time off is important to us Which is why we make it possible for our employees to adjust their working hours to their individual situation.

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Team Spirit

Strong commitment is one of the characteristics of our employees. As a team we work together in a loyal and fair manner. This is the only way to achieve the best results.

Committed employees are our most important asset

As a technology leader, we depend on the commitment of our employees. One of the reasons why we offer our employees an attractive environment for their successful career.

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Competence and commitment pay off

To be successful as a team requires competence and above-average commitment that we recompense accordingly.

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Flexible work schedule models

We make it possible for our employees to adjust their working hours to their individual situation. Mothers and fathers can take parental leave in accordance with the law. The opportunity to participate in a qualification scheme while on leave facilitates re-entry.

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Professional Development

Be it technical courses, training in IT, quality management or concerning specialized subjects and products, as an innovative business, we offer specific and need-based qualifying schemes for our employees that guarantee the development of professional qualifications.

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Personal Development

We encourage our employees and their strengths, which is why we welcome their ideas and suggestions for improvement at any time. This also enables each one of our employees to grow on a personal basis.

Good reasons for NeuroCheck

Apart from your motivation to grow personally and professionally facing new challenges, there are more reasons to choose NeuroCheck GmbH as an employer.

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As a globally leading provider of system solutions for industrial vision, we focus on innovative products, processes, and services. In the interest of our customers, we are always a step ahead.

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Our owner-managed company offers job security through strategic management and financial independence. Always up-to-date, our engineers develop modern, future-proof system solutions for industrial vision.

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Our corporate culture is characterized by respectful interaction, team-oriented working
atmosphere, mutual appreciation, and constructive cooperation. Thus, team spirit and a lively exchange of experience and knowledge are sustained and secured.

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Our employees benefit from short decision making processes. They are responsible for
controlling their own projects and show entrepreneurial thinking and acting. To take
responsibility furthers the individual employee’s personality.

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Challenging projects, global working environment, personal and professional development opportunities, and individual salary models make NeuroCheck GmbH an attractive employer.

Start your professional future at NeuroCheck

Whether specialist, career changer, or young professional with appropriate qualifications, we are looking forward to welcoming you. Our experienced team will support you during your professional start NeuroCheck GmbH.

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Job Opportunities

Find out what job opportunities are currently vacant. If you can identify with one of the positions offered, submit your application and become part of our high-performing team!

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Tips for your successful application

With regard to content and appearances, your application can be highly individual. However, it is reasonable to adhere to proven basic rules that ensure your application’s success. Here are our application tips for you.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

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