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Changing from CCD to CMOS sensors

In our customer information we summarize for you the most important facts and dates for the change from CCD to CMOS sensors and give an outlook, what should be considered when changing the model.

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Powerful Industrial Cameras

For camera-based inspection, identification and process control

Our digital cameras have been developed for demanding inspection tasks. Innovative technologies such as CCD and CMOS are used. In color and monochrome, our cameras offer resolutions from VGA to 25 megapixels and contain all relevant standardized interfaces.

NeuroCheck Digital Cameras (Image © NeuroCheck)


Digital image capturing and transmission guarantee noise-free, sharp images with highest pre-cision in color and gray level image applications. Communication via Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 or the IEEE1394 bus (FireWire) allows for online changes of parameters in any capturing situa-tion. Depending on intermediate results in the inspection cycle, image size, image capturing time, amplification etc. can be set at will.


The time-optimized image data transmission allows for the best possible performance in indus-trial applications. Derived from our application experts’ practical experience, additional camera parameters have been implemented and operation has been simplified even further.


Digital camera standards make for easy connections. Data cables and mains power supply are combined in one connector; additional connections are not necessary. The integration of GigE, USB and FireWire technology in NeuroCheck increases standardization and thus adds to the convenience and operation safety of the application.


The wide range of NeuroCheck cameras offers the right solution for any application in industrial image processing: from simple cameras for standard applications to high-resolution color cameras and line-scan cameras.

NeuroCheck System Solutions and Software

Whether it’s a compact, turnkey system solution or software for industrial image processing – both business areas merge together and you get your tailor-made machine vision solution that meets your requirements.

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NeuroCheck Software

Find more information about our standardized and universally applicable application software for industrial production. Worldwide in automation in use, NeuroCheck is proven in over 11,000 applications.

NeuroCheck Machine Vision Solutions

In our application department turnkey complete solutions are developed for inspection in manufacturing plants. We cover all fields of application of industrial machine vision.

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Detailed technical advice

For a detailed technical consultation, we are at your disposal and answer your questions when it comes to developing a machine vision solution for you.

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