NeuroCheck Application Areas

Diverse fields of application

NeuroCheck applications can be used in almost all areas of the manufacturing industry

In the manufacturing process, there are various tasks of industrial image processing. Inspection tasks based on the NeuroCheck software are solved in more than 11,000 machine vision systems and used in more than 21,000 applications worldwide in industries like automotive, electronics, mechanical engineering, medical, pharmaceutical, food and research and teaching sectors.

Overview Application Areas

Inspection tasks and their solution approaches with NeuroCheck

Presence Verification

Application Area Presence Verification (Image © NeuroCheck)

Deep Learning

Applications for Deep Learning (Image © NeuroCheck)

Print Inspection

Print Inspection (Image © NeuroCheck)

Color Recognition

Color Recognition (Image © NeuroCheck)


Identification (Image © NeuroCheck)

Assembly Control

Applications for Assembly Control (Image © NeuroCheck)

Pattern Recognition

Areas for Pattern Recognition (Image © NeuroCheck)

Surface Inspection

Applications for Surface Inspection (Image © NeuroCheck)

Robot Control

Applications for Robot Control (Image © NeuroCheck)


Application Area Gauging (Image © NeuroCheck)

Which application area suits you?

Our team will introduce you to the fields of application of the NeuroCheck system solutions

In order to find out in which of the application areas your requirements are best met, a precise analysis of the feasibility, on the basis of the existing conditions on site at the production plant, is required. Together we will discuss the fields of application for NeuroCheck in your production process, so that we can develop the best possible and individual machine vision solution for your requirements. Once the general conditions are made clear, our Engineering team will integrate areas of application (for example 3D image processing, gauging, colorre recognition or surface inspection) into the conception. In the next step the planning and implementation of your machine vision solution begins.

Define Requirements

We recommend using a specification sheet

Even the smallest detail must not be overlooked, therefore we recommend using a specification you can request by e-mail.

Describing your requirements for developing your specific application is certainly not easy at first. Our specifications will help you defining your conditions so we can get an initial overview of your economic, organizational and technical expectations. In addition, specifications are a reference document in project management provide a full overview for the respective project at any time.

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We’ll be pleased to help you

Write to us, we will answer your questions or we are available at all times for a personal consultation.

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