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Examples of Color Recognition

In many applications, the recognition of colors is essential in order to separate or sort different models / components from one another. The color values are just as important for quality control. Color recognition is a standard task for NeuroCheck, for which numerous machine vision solutions are implemented.

NeuroCheck Color Recognition for roof antennas (Image © NeuroCheck)

Mounting of Car Antennas – Detecting signal cables in different colors

Nowadays, car antennas are very small and yet offer a variety of functions. In order to meet the requirements of e-mobility, a car antenna contains all sorts of technology whose installation is checked with NeuroCheck. Particularly important is the distinction of the signal lines to correct color affiliation. The camera examination takes place in two color matching steps:
(1) Distinction between the signal lines and the background and
(2) Delimitation of the signal lines red / brown to each other.

Color recognition in the production of toothbrushes

Everyone knows the colorful variety of commercially available toothbrushes. The color may be indicative of the different degree of strength of a toothbrush. Within the production process, different toothbrushes are automatically visually inspected in a very short time in order to ensure, for example, the correct sorting according to hardness.

NeuroCheck Color Recognition on toothbrushes to differentiate between degrees of hardnessnung bei Zahnbürsten zur Unterscheidung von Härtegraden (Image © NeuroCheck)
NeuroCheck Color Recognition of deodorant caps (Image © NeuroCheck)

Color recognition for caps and spray heads of deodorants

There are usually different varieties of a deodorant spray. The consumer recognizes his personal choice when buying the color of the cap. Each product type is therefore assigned a color for the closure cap. In the production of these caps, the color detection with NeuroCheck ensures that the manufactured products correspond exactly to the color requirements of the customer.

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