NeuroCheck Application area color recognition (Image ©NeuroCheck)

Application area color recognition


NeuroCheck Color recognition of toothbrushes (Image © NeuroCheck)

Color recognition in the production of toothbrushes

Everyone knows the colorful variety of commercially available toothbrushes. The color may be indicative of the different degree of strength of a toothbrush. Within the production process, different toothbrushes are automatically visually inspected in a very short time in order to ensure, for example, the correct sorting according to hardness.

NeuroCheck Color recognition for spray heads (Image © NeuroCheck)

Color recognition for caps and spray heads of deodorants

There are usually different varieties of a deodorant spray. The consumer recognizes his personal choice when buying the color of the cap. Each product type is therefore assigned a color for the closure cap. In the production of these caps, the color detection with NeuroCheck ensures that the manufactured products correspond exactly to the color requirements of the customer.

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