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The milestones in our company history

NeuroCheck History - November 2018 (Image © NeuroCheck)


NeuroCheck GmbH is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

NeuroCheck History - March 2017 (Image © NeuroCheck)

Corporate Design

The new company website is online.

NeuroCheck History - March 2016 (Image © NeuroCheck)


The purchase of another building at the company center in Remseck will allow the available workshop space to be tripled.

NeuroCheck History - October 2014 (Image © NeuroCheck)

Software Release

Release of the NeuroCheck software version 6.1 with solutions for 3D and robotics applications.

NeuroCheck History - May 2014 (Image © NeuroCheck)


Expansion of the product portfolio with the NeuroCheck compact camera and Smart Panel PCs.

NeuroCheck History - April 2014 (Image © NeuroCheck)


The long-standing head of the “Machine Vision Applications” department, Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Zinnäcker, will be appointed Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Streicher-Abel in the management.

NeuroCheck History - July 2013 (Image © NeuroCheck)


Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Christian Demant left the company by mutual consent as a shareholder and managing director. Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Streicher-Abel assumes the sole management of the company.

NeuroCheck History - August 2012 (Image © NeuroCheck)


The “Applications” division is expanding its office and laboratory area by purchasing additional premises at the company center in Remseck.

NeuroCheck History - May 2012 (Image © NeuroCheck)


Delivery of the 10,000. License of the NeuroCheck software.

NeuroCheck History - September 2009 (Image © NeuroCheck)

Software Release

Release NeuroCheck version 6.0, completely redesigned for new technologies: Microsoft .NET, 64-bit, Gigabit Ethernet cameras and multi-core support.

NeuroCheck History - June 2006 (Image © NeuroCheck)


The company is opening a second location in Stuttgart’s inner city. The new office will become the headquarters of the “Softwareprodukt” business unit.

NeuroCheck History - September 2002 (Image © NeuroCheck)

Software Release

Release of the NeuroCheck software version 5.1 with support of FireWire digital cameras and XML.

NeuroCheck History - March 2000 (Image © NeuroCheck)

Worldwide growth

Foundation of the partner company Industrial Vision Systems Ltd. (IVS) near Oxford, UK.

NeuroCheck History - February 1998 (Image © NeuroCheck)


The founders of NeuroCheck publish the book “Industrial Image Processing” at Springer-Verlag. The book is available since 2011 in the 3rd edition.

NeuroCheck History - July 1996 (Image © NeuroCheck)

Worldwide growth

Market entry USA through a sales partner at Boston.

NeuroCheck History - August 1994 (Image © NeuroCheck)


Delivery of the first NeuroCheck software license.

NeuroCheck History - November 1993 (Image © NeuroCheck)

Company founding

Foundation of the company by: Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Streicher-Abel and Dipl.-Ing. Christian Demant. Company: Remseck near Stuttgart.

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