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Examples for Gauging

The non-contact automatic measurement of parts is one of the strengths of NeuroCheck systems. With one and the same sensor technology, various components can be inpsected with a high speed and repeat accuracy without conversion measures. When measuring individual objects or distances between objects and properties of entire object groups, accuracies in the range of 5 to 10 μm result depending on the image field.

NeuroCheck Gauging Needle Tips (Image © designed by ExQuisine - Fotolia)

Inspection of injection needles

Medicines used directly on human beings are subject to special monitoring requirements. In this application, injection needles are tested for blunt or deformed tips. The cannula is viewed by NeuroCheck via a special optical system from two directions, in order to be able to check the bending of the needle and, on the other hand, the cannula tip and the cannula tip. A qualifiable documentation according to FDA CFR21 Part 11 is available from NeuroCheck.

Inspection of cans

In this application from the food industry, preservatives are tested for their roundness or ovality. Furthermore the floor and the edges are checked for defects, leaks, dents and foreign objects. With NeuroCheck, a high-speed system was implemented, which allows a throughput of 20 parts per second. The system is characterized by the fact that it can cope with a high variance of dosage types.

NeuroCheck Gauging Preservatives (Image © designed by Schwoab - Fotolia)
NeuroCheck Gauging Pump Atomizers (Image © designed by sveta - Fotolia)

Surveying and assembly control of pump atomizers

Visual check of the piston clearance and the correct assembly of the ball and the spring. These pumps are used for pharmaceuticals (for example, nasal sprays) and cosmetics (for example Sun Lotions).

Measurement of electronic parts: Verification of connector pins

In this application example, the correct alignment of connector pins (X and Y direction) on a motor management module for the English automotive supplier Delphi Electronic Systems is inspected. The inspection results are used for the final inspection prior to delivery and are simultaneously archived in the central company database.

NeuroCheck Gauging Connector Pins (Image © designed by Bernd Jürgens - Fotolia)
NeuroCheck Gauging Gear Manufacturing (Image © designed by loraks - Fotolia)

Measurement in gearbox manufacture

This application is concerned with the quality inspection of the toothing of clutch bodies, which are installed in manual transmissions of motor vehicles. A large number of different component variants have to be used to check several criteria such as web width, contour stroke, symmetry, tooth shape, etc. The task was implemented by a combined use of digital line and area cameras.

Gauging and presence control in the toy industry

With this application, the use of NeuroCheck ensures the high quality of the magnetic bars in the world-famous design game Geomag. The particular challenge in this application lay in the particular production cycle, which required the evaluation of 16 images within 300ms.

NeuroCheck Gauging Geomag (Image © designed by roxcon - Fotolia)
NeuroCheck Contact (Image © designed by Pressfoto -

Quality assurance made to measure

By gauging parts are often involve accuracy down to the micrometer range. Our image processing experts will advise you with their many years of experience in the field.

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