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Examples of Print Inspection

The marking products is strictly regulated in this country. Consumers also feel safe when certain information is legible. Faulty labels often have serious consequences. Especially in the areas of food and pharmaceuticals, a 100% print image control is now “mandatory”. Various codes are controlled, such as batch numbers. Durability information is essential.

NeuroCheck Print Inspection best-before date (Image © NeuroCheck)

Best-before dates are changing daily

In many industries printing is carried out with a date of expiry or durability on the packaging of a product. The verification of the correctness of the printed numbers and letters has long been a standard task of industrial image processing. It is interesting that not only individual poorly printed parts can be sorted out by means of the determination of quality features of the printing quality, but by this information the efficiency of the maintenance of the printing-applying devices can be increased.

Level scale on a dosing stamp

This example is concerned with the print image control on dosing stamps. The test parts are scanned in rotation by a high-speed line camera. The pressure of the type designation and the fill level are checked. A cycle time of approx. 1 second must be achieved for the evaluation of the complete printing.

NeuroCheck Print Inspection in a scala (Image © NeuroCheck)
NeuroCheck Print Inspecktion Tank Level Indicator (Image © designed by bizoo_n - Fotolia)

Print Inspection at tank level indicator

The picture shows a detail of a dashboard with some faults. In print images on objects that are later viewed by humans, very different criteria must be used for the assessment of an error than in the case of print images on objects which are subsequently evaluated by machine. The NeuroCheck functions for print image control provide several options for finding and evaluating local, regional and global differences between the target image and the actual image.

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