NeuroCheck Engineering Center

Here, our system solutions for industrial machine vision are designed

Engineering at the highest quality level

At NeuroCheck Engineering-Center, experienced and highly qualified engineers develop complete facilities for quality inspection in production with application potential over the entire range of industrial visual inspections tasks. The basis for this are closely integrated concepts that guarantee smooth interaction of illumination, optics, camera, and evaluation software.

Apart from competent advice, we’ll provide you with carefully selected components that complement each other in an optimal way. Software and hardware components and comprehensive service combine to provide future-proof camera inspection systems for extremely varying industrial applications in the automotive and automotive supplier industry / machine manufacturing, electronics, cosmetics, medical technology, pharmaceutical industry, photovoltaics and robotics/3D.

No matter the section of industry, we offer quick implementation, reliable processes and the highest level of quality in execution.

We serve our customers reliably at all times

For us, the customer comes first. That’s the reason why we support our customers from consulting and feasibility studies through engineering and project support to maintenance, service and support. Of course, we train our users so that they feel safe when using their inspection solutions with NeuroCheck.

NeuroCheck Consulting (Image © NeuroCheck)


Our experts with years of experience advise our customers when developing their individual image processing solutions. Foremost is the feasibility of the inspection, the selection of the appropriate components and the design of a high-performance inspection solution.

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is an essential part of the engineering process because it’s the beginning of every inspection task. Widespread hands-on experience and expert knowledge go hand in hand  resulting in integrated concepts for process-safe inspection solutions for our customers.

NeuroCheck Feasibility Study (Image © NeuroCheck)
NeuroCheck Engineering (Image © AdobeStock Free)


Our highly qualified engineers at the Engineering-Center focus on the core question of any inspection solution because every inspection task is unique. Apart from the careful selection of all required components, the inspection solution is assembled and tested in the laboratory for the conditions that render the best results. Upon deployment, the laboratory system is integrated into the customer’s manufacturing line.

Project Support

For us, project support means that we accompany our customers from the initial idea to delivery/deployment of an image processing solution and beyond. After integration into the process environment, we also guarantee fast response times to sudden changes of local circumstances.

NeuroCheck Project support (Image © NeuroCheck)
NeuroCheck Maintenance / Remote Maintenance (Image © NeuroCheck)

Maintenance / Remote Maintenance

To guarantee maximum operational reliability, we offer check-ups and maintenance/remote maintenance of the installed system solutions in the production line at regular intervals. Thus, possible down-time can be anticipated and avoided ahead of time. Furthermore, the operation parameters of the inspection line can be continuously optimized.

Training Courses

The NeuroCheck training courses impart hands-on expert knowledge for real-life use to demonstrate the optimal operation of NeuroCheck system solutions. It is important to us to tailor our training courses to your needs so we can offer the appropriate training to each customer.

NeuroCheck Training (Image © NeuroCheck)
NeuroCheck Service & Support (Image © NeuroCheck)

Service & Support

Part of the service is instructing personnel that will be operating the inspection solution within the manufacturing process. Our support team will aid you in all questions regarding the inspection facility and NeuroCheck software.

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Our experienced engineering team will support you

If you are looking for an individual inspection solution, please contact our engineering-center. Our experts with many years of experience get an idea of the conditions on site and, as a result, develop your tailor-made application together with you.

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