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Allround software for demanding inspection tasks in the ongoing production process

As an optimal link between sophisticated image processing algorithms and state-of-the-art digital camera technology, NeuroCheck offers two user interfaces – one for developing the test solution and the other for controlling the automatic test mode.

Whether one or more cameras are to be integrated or results transmitted to the control or host computer – NeuroCheck covers all these requirements as universal standard software. In doing so, NeuroCheck takes full advantage of the Windows® world and offers all the functionality under an ergonomically intuitive Windows® user interface.

Programming knowledge is not required for working with the NeuroCheck software.

The essential functions – an overview

NeuroCheck is characterized by extensive functions that combine to create a powerful image processing solution. In close dialogue with our customers and our application department, the software is continuously developed and improved.

NeuroCheck Manuel Mode (Image © NeuroCheck)

Manuel Mode

The manual mode offers a development interface for the graphical interactive creation of the test solution. Here, the logical structure of the test procedure and the parameters for the execution of the algorithms are defined.

Automatic Mode

In automatic mode, the previously created test solution runs fully automatically. Status and results are visualized in freely configurable windows on the system monitor. The sequence control takes place via a PLC or a master computer.

NeuroCheck Automatic Mode (Image © NeuroCheck)
NeuroCheck Camera Integration (Image © NeuroCheck)

Camera Integration

NeuroCheck supports a large number of state-of-the-art digital cameras according to established standards with a wide variety of image resolutions. The integration and parameterization of the cameras is carried out conveniently in the NeuroCheck Device Manager.

Image Processing Algorithm

The software encapsulates thousands of powerful evaluation algorithms of the NeuroCheck image processing library that have been tried and tested over many years. The test steps used are logically grouped into categories such as image acquisition, preprocessing, analysis and measurement.

NeuroCheck Image Processing Algorithm (Image © NeuroCheck)
NeuroCheck Process Integration (Image © NeuroCheck)

Process Integration

A variety of modern standard interfaces are available for communication with the higher-level controller. The execution of the test procedure can be influenced dynamically by the process I / O. Conversely, NeuroCheck transfers the test results and measured values externally.


The functions of the NeuroCheck software interlock and meet all requirements for a powerful image processing solution. Numerous enhancements are available for the core product in order to use the software successfully even for exceptionally individual test tasks.

NeuroCheck Process Integration (Image © NeuroCheck)

Get to know our NeuroCheck application software

You can get a first impression of our software with our “Evaluation License”. If that is not enough for you, you can fall back on our extensive training program. We provide you with specialist knowledge that is profound and always up to date. Practical examples on a wide range of topics offer ideal opportunities to become familiar with the NeuroCheck software.

NeuroCheck Software Evaluation License (Image © NeuroCheck)

How NeuroCheck Works

In order to provide a first overview of how the NeuroCheck software works, we recommend our “Evaluation License”​. Request the “Evaluation License” by using the request form.

NeuroCheck Training Program

Whether you are a beginner or already experienced in using the software – we will find the right training for you. Individually tailored to your needs, you will learn how to optimally use the NeuroCheck software and our system solutions.

NeuroCheck Training (Image© NeuroCheck)
Contact NeuroCheck (Image © designed by Pressfoto – Freepik.com)

Our support team will help you

For questions and help with the NeuroCheck software, please contact our support team. We recommend that you send us your support topic in writing via our support request form so that we can advise you specifically.

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