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NeuroCheck Industry Solutions for Machine Vision

Every industry has particular requirements

NeuroCheck GmbH offers all the advantages and security of a leading manufacturer for image processing applications and stands for innovation, highest quality and reliability. Application software, hardware components and comprehensive services come together and result in future-proof camera inspection systems for a wide range of industry applications. Industries served include automotive and supplier industry / mechanical engineering, electronics, semiconductors, metal, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, food industry, cosmetics, packaging, photovoltaics and robotics/3D. The use of technologies such as 3D vision and deep learning enables new automation solutions for Industry 4.0 scenarios.

Industrial machine vision from NeuroCheck is a versatile technology that can be used across all industries. With a view to reducing cost and optimizing production processes, any company in the manufacturing industry can benefit from NeuroCheck’s powerful applications.

NeuroCheck Industry Solutions for Medicine/Pharma (Image © NeuroCheck)

NeuroCheck Applications for Medical/Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical and medical technology production sector, the highest quality requirements apply. In addition to consistent quality and smooth material flow throughout the entire process chain, patient safety in particular is a top priority. NeuroCheck industry solutions, developed specifically for the medical/pharmaceutical sector, allow for 100% quality control with full utilization of the production line.

NeuroCheck applications monitor production lines, detect defects, sort, evaluate and identify manufactured parts. The focus is on tasks such as

  • Detecting defects and thus optimizing quality
  • Increasing throughput and thus productivity
  • Reducing expensive rework and thus save costs

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