NeuroCheck Application area assembly control (Image © NeuroCheck)

Application area assembly control

Examples for assembly control

NeuroCheck Final motor inspection (Image © NeuroCheck)

Final motor inspection with a robot

Different motor variants are automatically tested in the test cell for the presence of the correct components. The robot positions the camera according to the motor type to the corresponding test positions. In the NeuroCheck solution for end-of-engine control, the type management is carried out via an SQL database, in which new model variants are created interactively in the database. The existing test patterns can be re-used without re-programming.

NeuroCheck Final motor inspection with pan / tilt / zoom cameras (Image © Optotune Switzerland AG)

Final motor inspection with pan / tilt / zoom cameras

Flexible assembly concepts with changing product variants require image processing systems that can manage a variety of test patterns and dynamically generate test sequences. By using industry-standard pan / tilt / zoom cameras, such flexible test concepts can be easily implemented. The starting positions for each camera are either taught in advance or can be dynamically adjusted even from the test sequence.

NeuroCheck Assembly control rubber band (Image © Fotolia, Dezay)

Pressing in a rubber band

For vehicle steering parts, rubber bearings are pressed as damping elements. For different bearings, pressing in a defined angular position is necessary. With the NeuroCheck system, the parts are reliably detected and the angle of rotation is determined and verified even with small contrast differences.

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