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Software for Industrial Vision Systems

NeuroCheck is your one-stop shop for image processing software, hardware components and a comprehensive range of services. Since 1993, it has been our goal to make the use of digital image processing in industrial quality control as simple and natural as that of a word processor in daily office work.

The cornerstone of all our installations is our software tool NeuroCheck whose unique concept makes the development of machine vision applications as easy as never before. With NeuroCheck, we and our distribution partners throughout the world offer you the knowledge gained in years of practical experience with visual inspection systems for industrial quality control.

End-users and OEMs who want to configure their own machine vision systems based on the NeuroCheck software can get all required components – like cameras, boards, lighting equipment, PCs – directly from NeuroCheck.


More about NeuroCheck

NeuroCheck Software

Our software product “NeuroCheck” is a standardized and universally applicable application software for industrial vision systems in the production process.

Application areas

Worldwide, the NeuroCheck software is used in over 10,000 test applications their use. We work in a wide range of industries such as automotive, electronics, mechanical engineering, medicine, pharmacy, food and research and teaching.


Competent advice and carefully selected components form the basis of powerful test systems.


The service of our company ranges from consulting, engineering, maintenance up to turnkey image processing solutions. Offer to software customers we provide technical support and a comprehensive training program.


We offer you individually tailored training programs, the optimal handling of the NeuroCheck software and our test systems.


Request the free demo version of our NeuroCheck software, please use our contact form for your demo order to disposal.

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