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Bundled know-how for holistic image processing solutions

Nowadays, machine vision solutions represent a major challenge in terms of their complexity and individual requirements with a view to the overall solution. That’s why it is all the more important to consider solutions holistically and to bundle know-how – which we achieve excellently through the cooperation with our technology partners. This is how innovative products and solutions are created – always at the cutting edge of technology.

Our Technology Partners – Overview

NeuroCheck Technology Partner Confovis (Image © Confovis GmbH)
The high-speed WaferScan solution based on AI was developed together with our technology partner Confovis. Confovis is a system provider of optical 3D surface measurement systems for industrial and research-related use. On the market since 2009, the company relies on customer-oriented and application-oriented solutions.

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NeuroCheck Technology Partner DENKweit (Image © DENKweit GmbH)

The Vision AI Hub from DENKweit offers an intuitive way to create AI-based image evaluations without expert knowledge. But how do you bring these intelligent solutions to your production line? NeuroCheck, the Machine Vision Platform, offers a code-free solution for this. Simply add the “DENKnetze inference plug-in” to NeuroCheck’s function library and use our proven set of hardware and industrial communication interfaces to automate your solution.
For feasibility testing, design of complete test stations and functional commissioning, our team of experienced project engineers will be happy to assist you.

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NeuroCheck Technology Partner iTronic (Image © iTronic GmbH)
In cooperation with iTronic, the NeuroCheck RoboInspector was developed – a scalable system solution with the highest possible availability – whether as a stand-alone unit or integrated into automated production according to Industry 4.0 standard. ITronic developments and solutions are at home in many industries and can be used for a wide variety of measuring and inspection tasks.

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