NeuroCheck in the pharmaceutical industry

From the blank to the ready-to-use product

NeuroCheck is your partner in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process

In the pharmaceutical industry, the focus in automated production is on the highest quality and absolute safety. This is why manufacturers of medical devices rely on the use of NeuroCheck camera inspection systems that check shape, colors, writing, surfaces and fill quantities several times during the production cycle. The slightest manufacturing error can have fatal consequences for the patient.

NeuroCheck: In use throughout the entire production process

Application example » Production of glass syringes

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NeuroCheck flyer – Production of glass syringes

How is a glass syringe made and at which stages in the production process does NeuroCheck help to ensure quality?

NeuroCheck Contact to the Engineering Center (Image © NeuroCheck)

Our engineering team will be happy to assist you

In order to find out which application best suits your requirements, a precise analysis of the feasibility based on the existing conditions on site at the manufacturing plant is required. In order to give you the best possible and individual advice, please send us your detailed specification by e-mail. As soon as the general conditions are determined, our engineering team begins with the conception, planning and implementation of your inspection solution. And after deployment within your manufacturing process, we are there should you have any questions.
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