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NeuroCheck Machine Vision Platform – Industry 4.0 connected

Turnkey complete systems for industrial machine vision

As a solution provider, we create turnkey system solutions for industrial machine vision for inspection in the manufacturing process. At NeuroCheck GmbH and its international system partners, specialists with many years of application experience are at your disposal for your inspection tasks. All systems are created on the proven platform of the company’s standard software, NeuroCheck. We supply turnkey complete systems for all application areas of industrial machine vision systems.

Technology Partner and NeuroCheck Solution Platform

We enter into partnerships to strengthen our technological innovation. On the one hand, we want to ensure the transfer of knowledge. On the other hand, we want to bundle synergies in the company so that we can develop new solutions, products and services together.

NeuroCheck Machine Vision Platform - Industry 4.0 connected (Image © NeuroCheck)
NeuroCheck machine vision systems for various areas of application (Image © NeuroCheck)

Application areas of the NeuroCheck solutions

Application software, hardware components and comprehensive services are in collaboration so future-proof turnkey system solutions are developed for a wide variety of fields of application.

Turnkey system solutions for quality control are created in the NeuroCheck Engineering Center (Image © NeuroCheck)

Engineering Center

At the NeuroCheck Engineering Center, a team of experienced and highly-qualified project engineers provides effective solutions for challenging inspection tasks based on the company-owned applications software NeuroCheck. The range of services extends from engineering and project planning to commissioning and on-site service through to a service hotline, remote maintenance and software support.

NeuroCheck solutions for a wide variety of industries (Image © NeuroCheck)

NeuroCheck solutions for a wide variety of industries

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