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Turnkey complete systems for industrial machine vision

Many years of experience and proven software platform

As a system house for industrial machine vision solutions, we create turnkey visual inspection systems for you to inspect your products. At NeuroCheck GmbH and its international system partners, specialists with many years of application experience are at your disposal for your inspection tasks. All systems are created on the proven platform of the company’s standard software, NeuroCheck. We supply turnkey complete systems for all applications of industrial machine vision systems:

NeuroCheck - Turnkey system solutions

Our camera inspection systems are created in the Engineering Center

The turnkey NeuroCheck system solutions are developed in our Engineering Center. Experienced and highly qualified project engineers work on process-reliable solutions for the entire spectrum of industrial visual inspection tasks.

Solutions for industries

NeuroCheck - Industry Solutions
NeuroCheck - Camera inspection systems application areas

Application Areas

In almost all industries, NeuroCheck system solutions are designed for demanding applications inspection tasks. Our offer includes machine vision softwareHardware components and comprehensive services.

NeuroCheck Services

In addition to providing training and support, the company’s services range from consulting, engineering, maintenance and commissioning of turnkey industrial machine vision solutions.

NeuroCheck - Services
NeuroCheck - Contact to our Sales Team

Contact to our sales team

You have any questions about our NeuroCheck applications or our advice regarding a specific inspection task? Your competent NeuroCheck team is looking forward to your call at +49 7146 8956-0. Or describe your request by e-mail.

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