NeuroCheck further expands its image processing platform. Attach any 2D or 3D sensor based on GenICam GenTL with our new driver package GenICamTL to NeuroCheck – with one user interface and parametrization.

NeuroCheck – The Vision Platform

Use your preferred devices according to requirements and availability. GenICam GenTL together with your favorite image processing software NeuroCheck: a new dream team in computer vision!

GenICam Logo (Image © NeuroCheck)

Free for basic 2D use cases

The 2D driver is available in two license levels. The free version includes the following features:

  • Attach one 2D camera and adjust parameters
  • Synchronous image acquisition

The fee-based license extension includes additional features:

  • Attach two or more sensors and adjust parameters
  • Parallel image acquisition
  • High-speed image stack acquisition
  • Dynamic control of camera parameters during check runs

The 3D driver package needs a fee-based additional license.

For further information about licenses and pricing please contact our Sales Department.

The detailed documentation is included in our driver package.

Logo Kamera Driver GenICam TL 2D (Image © NeuroCheck)
Logo Kamera Driver GenICam TL 3D (Image © NeuroCheck)
If you have any questions, contact our Support-Team please.
* The driver is based on GenICam reference implementation version 3.3 and GenICam SFNC version 2.6. GenTL producers are supported from version 1.0. Implementations of sensor manufacturers may vary. For further information please refer to the driver documentation or contact our Support-Team.


Date: 01.06.2022

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