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Successful Business Year 2018

In 2018, NeuroCheck GmbH has continued to follow its uninterrupted path of growth. By concentrating consistently on innovation, technology and efficiency, the company has once more reached a new turnover record. Even with a strong increase in the number of employees and expansion of equipment and facilities, results were on the same good level as in previous years.

Throughout the year, demand in the application area was consistently very positive. The development towards ever more demanding tasks in the automotive industry, machine manufacturing and medical products led to the application of many new technologies. Foremost among these are 3-D cameras, robot-based visual inspection solutions and deep learning classifiers that are already used in a wide range of applications.

While the proven software version NeuroCheck 6.1 is still the backbone of current projects, NeuroCheck 6.2 was  introduced in the course of the past year. The new version has numerous new functions and is available in several new languages such as Chinese, French, Spanish and Romanian.

In the development area, a new team concentrating on deep learning applications has been established with the goal of easily integrating artificial intelligence in everyday inspections tasks. Because of our long-standing experience with neural network classifiers, rapid progress is to be expected.

The business result of our Chinese partner Intellisight Ltd. (Shanghai) more than doubled in 2018. Seeing to the needs of existing customers and successfully acquiring new ones were the reasons for this fantastic result in the dynamic Chinese market.

The company’s management expects a positive development in 2019 despite some caution flags going up in the economic situation. The high quality of our systems in combination with years of experience in the application area continues to be in high demand by the market.

We would like to thank our customers, partners and suppliers for their trust and the excellent collaboration over the past year, and look forward to an exciting and prosperous year 2019.

Date: 18-01-2019

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