NeuroCheck Stable Growth in 2017 (Image © Fotolia, md3d)

NeuroCheck – Business year 2017 promises further continuous growth for 2018.

For NeuroCheck GmbH, the year 2017 was very successful with even more momentum in the second half.

Throughout the year, demand in the application area was on a constant solid level. There continues to be a significant trend towards more complex tasks both at automotive suppliers and medium-sized machinery builders. The sometimes complex requirements of the projects necessitated a continuous furthering and expansion of competences, which resulted in an increase of the number of employees in 2017. This development will continue in 2018.

The software version NeuroCheck 6.1 was successfully deployed in a multitude of complex projects. Robot-based inspections are still on the rise and meet with ongoing interest. Many projects have turned into successful reality.

Our already successful co-operation with our Chinese partner Intellisight Ltd. (Shanghai) was transformed into a strategic partnership. The aim is to share resources, transform knowledge and further projects together to strengthen the expansion of activities in the global industrial vision market.

NeuroCheck GmbH management has a very optimistic outlook on the order and sales development for 2018. The order situation remains at a consistently high level, while the high quality of our systems continues to further growth-oriented development.

We would like to thank our customers, business partners and suppliers for their continued trust and the productive co-operation in 2017.

Date: 12-01-2018

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