NeuroCheck Robotics (Image © NeuroCheck)
NeuroCheck RoboDirector (Image © NeuroCheck)

The new NeuroCheck RoboDirector is an easy-to-use tool for robot-based camera positioning in combination with the NeuroCheck image processing software.

The RoboDirector is the link between the NeuroCheck image processing software and the controller unit for robots by Universal Robots. The application is especially useful for large components with many different features where it allows for a high flexibility with regard to the positions to be checked.

Robot positions and paths can be easily created and managed in RoboDirector. In addition, each position can be assigned a specific safety position to guarantee safe operation even in unusual situations.

With the new functions of the NeuroCheck image processing software and the RoboDirector, communication with UR robots is as easy as possible and thus extremely user friendly. By concentrating on the functions necessary for image processing, the software is easy to learn and operate.

Teaching each position is simple, elaborate programming is not necessary. Changes and additions can be made by trained personnel.

The product has already been used in various projects for customers and also adapted to customer wishes.

Date 19-01-2018

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