NeuroCheck 3D-Xtension (Image © NeuroCheck)

The new 3D Xtension Software add-on for NeuroCheck introduces a completely new application spectrum.

This plug-in library offers a large number of functions to gather, pre-process, segment and evaluate 3D data in connection with high-performance visualization for immediate user feedback.

The new 3D software extension can be seamlessly integrated into the accustomed NeuroCheck workflow and 3D drivers for various sensors* are already included. In addition to the functions available, additional features such as CAD-based matching can be integrated using our HALCON® integration (plug-in PI_HalconWrapper, not included in 3D-Xtension).

Visit our download area at our website for a look at a comprehensive NeuroCheck project demonstrating many examples for an introduction to 3D vision using the new NeuroCheck 3D-Xtension plug-in.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call our support team at

  • Phone +49 7146 8956-0
  • E-mail

* Please ask us for a detailed listing of all 3D sensors that we support. HALCON® is a registered trademark of MVTec Software GmbH.


Date: 08-05-2020

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