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Our new “Evaluation License” offers for the first time the possibility to test the NeuroCheck standard software and especially the extended functionalities even more intensively than before. You get access to all available extension modules(*) and data interfaces. This also includes the operation and control of compatible image sources (1D, 2D and 3D cameras).

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Through the “Evaluation License” we open up new possibilities for students, AI experts and software developers to integrate and automate their specific process know-how or focus areas and tasks into our established software platform.

Try the following options:

  • Integration of self-developed image processing algorithms as a plug-in.
  • Inference of self-trained ONNX networks with the “NeuroCheck AI-Xtension”.
  • Embedding custom AI inference environments for proprietary AI solutions.
  • Management of self-created device drivers for special sensors within the NeuroCheck device manager.
  • Connecting specific data interfaces to NeuroCheck.

In combination with the NeuroCheck „Offline Mode“, realistic models of an automated visual inspection system can thus be set up and simulated for internal training courses or in teaching operations.

Free of charge and unlimited

The “Evaluation License” is a free trial license for NeuroCheck and additional modules(*). You do not need a license key or hardware dongle. There is no time limit – neither from installation nor from first use. You can start you evaluating whenever you want. There is also no limit to the number of NeuroCheck installations. The “Evaluation License” can be used on any number of workstation or training PCs.

After registering as a user, you will receive a download link for the full installation of NeuroCheck as well as all additional modules(*) available under the “Evaluation License”. You will also find examples of how diverse functions and interfaces can be used and deployed.


Except for a few restrictions, the software behavior of the “Evaluation License” is identical to a paid “Premium” license. The “Evaluation License” may only be used for testing purposes. Commercial use in automated test operations is not permitted and is not possible due to technical restrictions. Check routines saved with the “Evaluation License” cannot be loaded from paid license levels.

Please understand that we can only offer very limited free support to users of the “Evaluation License”. For further questions please contact the NeuroCheck sales department.

(*) Applies only to extension modules that are developed by NeuroCheck GmbH and do not require additional licenses from 3rd party manufacturers.

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