NeuroCheck expands its comprehensive features in 3D image processing with version 6.2.3 of 3D-Xtension. Five new check functions and numerous other improvements solve many common use cases in 3D projects and increase efficiency. We made sure that our users recognize most of the 3D processing features from NeuroCheck’s 2D library in order to be able to create stable solutions immediately.

A number of sample programs covering many features and use cases of 3D applications with NeuroCheck will get you on track easily.

Some highlights from version 6.2.3

1) Automatic Positioning of 3D ROIs


Inspection part position is rarely stable in real production environments. The new check function Determine Position of 3D ROIs ensures – just like its 2D counterpart – that your ROIs keep track with the actual 3D data. Input regions are repositioned based on previously defined reference positions and vectors. Create Positioned ROIs check function generates new ROIs based on static offsets defined by the user.
3D-Xtension Determine Position of ROIs (Image © NeuroCheck)
3D-Xtension Determine Position of ROIs 2 (Image © NeuroCheck)

2) Dynamically Align 3D Data


The new check function Perform 3D Alignment arranges 3D data objects along coordinate axes automatically. Use this feature e.g. to compensate deviations in sensor mounting or part position according to a reference surface.
3D-Xtension Determine Position of ROIs 3 (Image © NeuroCheck)
3D-Xtension Determine Position of ROIs 4 (Image © NeuroCheck)

3) Projection of 3D Data


Project 3D Object check function now offers a new mode: Orthographic Projection. With this feature, it is even more convenient to generate height maps from 3D data to reduce complexity and improve performance for certain applications. Height maps are useful e.g. for simple pre-positioning or height measurement.
3D-Xtension Project 3D-Object 1 (Image © NeuroCheck)
3D-Xtension Project 3D-Object 3 (Image © NeuroCheck)
3D-Xtension Project 3D-Object 2 (Image © NeuroCheck)

4) Improved Measurement Features


The new measure Length of Gauge 3D ROIs check function determines the maximum distance between points within a 3D surface. New features for principal axes of 3D ROIs were implemented. The new check function Create Enclosing 3D ROIs allows more accurate measuring of 3D objects in space.
3D-Xtension Gauge 3D ROIs (Image © NeuroCheck)

5) Improved Visualization


Visualization parameters of 3D views can now be saved via context menu, e.g. to restore a point of view on 3D objects in automatic mode.
3D-Xtension Visualization (Image © NeuroCheck)
Apart from these highlights version 6.2.3 implements a lot of additional fixes and improvements, forming a competitive extension for implementing 3D projects with NeuroCheck.

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Date: 11.02.2022

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