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Phase-out remaining CMOS models from camera series NCG.I

Since 2012, NeuroCheck GmbH has been using 2D cameras of the NCG and NCG.I series from manufacturer Baumer Optronic with CCD sensors from the world market leader Sony in its system solutions. In May 2019, Sony announced the discontinuation of CCD sensors. Both further development and production of CCD sensors have been completely discontinued in favor of CMOS technology. The de facto end of the CCD era resulted in the phase-out of our CCD cameras by the end of 2020.

With this in mind, we have developed the NCCG.I camera series in cooperation with our partner Baumer Optronic, which is now available in full with resolutions of up to 24 megapixels. This new powerful successor generation replaces all models from the NCG.I camera series. Therefore, we are also discontinuing the remaining four CMOS models from the successful NCG.I camera series for the end of 2021.

In order to be able to supply all existing NeuroCheck solutions with spare parts, we are still accepting orders until November 30th, 2021 as part of our phase-out. Repairs will be available until March 2025. In addition, we are also working on migrating options in order to replace discontinued models and simplify transition. For new applications, we recommend using cameras from our future-proof NCCG.I camera series, as it guarantees long-term availability.

What are the advantages of using NCCG.I cameras with CMOS sensors?

The image quality of current CMOS sensors is equal to or surpasses that of CCD sensors while also providing additional advantages such as higher frame rates, higher resolution, less heat generation, lower power consumption and the avoidance of tap balancing. In addition, the new NCCG.I camera series has been expanded to include the option of not only switching up to four illuminators via integrated opto couplers, but also supplying them with power directly via the camera. This outstanding feature enables the development of compact vision systems.

Our customers can count on that

We treat the model changeover as a top priority for our customers, ensuring smooth integration of our NCCG.I camera series as a replacement or alternative to the NCG.I camera models.

Our team will be happy to answer questions about the model change in a personal meeting.
Call us at +49 7146 8956-0.

Cameras affected

Part Number
Sensor Size
NCG-323C.I NCG-323C.I 1/1,2“ 1920 x 1200
NCG-323M.I NCG-323M.I 1/1,2“ 1920 x 1200
NCG-340C.I NCG-340C.I 1“ 2044 x 2040
NCG-340M.I NCG-340M.I 1“ 2044 x 2040


Customer information on changing the camera model in a handy A4 format for printing.

Date: 29-06-2021

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