DENKweit and NeuroCheck Cooperation (Image © NeuroCheck)

During the successful first joint trade fair appearance at this year’s Vision trade fair, the managing directors Dr. D. Lausch (DENKweit GmbH) and D. Zinnäcker (NeuroCheck GmbH) agreed to work together.

For the image processing platform NeuroCheck, established since 1993, the products of the startup company DENKweit are a perfect complement.

With DENKnetze, DENKweit has developed a very powerful AI solution that allows users to train AI networks intuitively and without expert knowledge using only 20 images. Completely trained networks can be loaded into NeuroCheck via the plug-in interface and can thus be seamlessly integrated into existing or newly designed NeuroCheck test solutions.

The innovative B-Tech magnetic field sensor can also be integrated as an imaging sensor via the NeuroCheck device interface. By generating and evaluating 2.5D magnetic field images, current flows in components such as solar cells, batteries, electronic assemblies or weld seams can be recorded and visualized over a large area. The B-Tech sensor system offers completely new possibilities for quality inspection that were previously not feasible.

The integration of the NeuroCheck image processing software, which has been tried and tested in over 20,000 applications – with its sophisticated PLC communication interfaces, Industry 4.0 interfaces and hardware connections – gives DENKweit direct access to inline inspection processes in automated production lines.

In addition, the long-standing customer contacts and the application know-how of the NeuroCheck engineering team offer DENKweit the opportunity of their products being designed directly into complete solutions. The NeuroCheck team sees itself as an enabler for startup companies that have developed very innovative products but cannot manage the step into production independently due to a lack of interface know-how or personnel.

Immediately after the first product presentation, NeuroCheck customers developed ideas on how they could use the new testing options. We are very excited to see what tasks you will challenge us with in the near future.


Date: 17-11-2021

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