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Changing from CCD to CMOS sensors.

Since 2012, NeuroCheck GmbH has been using 2D cameras series BAU-02xx and NCG-3xx (manufactured by Baumer Optronic) equipped with CCD sensors by the global market leader Sony, who are switching fully to CMOS technology. This means that further development and manufacture of CCD sensors was terminated thus heralding the end of the CCD era. For a transition period until at least 2020, Sony has warranted availability of CCD sensors.

With this change in mind, we — together with our partner Baumer Optronic — have developed the NCCG camera series. These models are all equipped with state-of the-art CMOS sensors with global shutter.

To ensure long-term provision with spare parts for all existing NeuroCheck solutions, we will discontinue said BAU-02xx and NCG-3xx cameras at the end of 2020 as part of our phase-out. Orders can be placed with us until November 30, 2020. Repairs will be possible until March 2024. We are also working on migrating options in order to replace discontinued models and simplify transition.

For new applications, we recommend using cameras from our future-proof NCCG camera series since their CMOS technology guarantees long-term availability.

What are the advantages of using NCCG cameras with CMOS sensors?

The image quality of currently available CMOS sensors is equal to or surpasses that of CCD sensors while also providing additional advantages such as higher frame rates, higher resolution, less heat generation, lower power consumption, simple electronic design, and the avoidance of tap balancing. Furthermore, the new NCCG camera series is capable of not just controlling up to four illumination sources via integrated opto-couplers but also supplying them with power directly from the camera. This extraordinary feature facilitates the development of compact inspection systems using NCCG cameras.

Our customers can count on this

For our customers, we will handle this change of models with maximum priority in order to ensure the smooth integration of our NCCG camera series with CMOS sensors as a replacement or alternative for cameras with CCD sensors.

Our team will be happy to answer all your questions regarding the model change. Please make an appointment by calling +49 7146 8956-0.

Concerned Cameras

Article Number
Sensor Size
NCG203 BAU-0203 1/3″ 656 x 494
NCG203c BAU-0204 1/3″ 656 x 494
NCG206 BAU-0206 1/2″ 776 x 582
NCG206c BAU-0207 1/2″ 776 x 582
NCG208 BAU-0208 1/3″ 1032 x 776
NCG208c BAU-0209 1/3″ 1032 x 776
NCG212 BAU-0210 1/3″ 1296 x 966
NCG212c BAU-0211 1/3″ 1296 x 966
NCG213 BAU-0213 1/2″ 1392 x 1040
NCG213c BAU-0212 1/2″ 1392 x 1040
NCG213-P BAU-0213-P 1/2″ 1392 x 1040
NCG214f BAU-0216 2/3″ 1392 x 1040
NCG214cf BAU-0217 2/3″ 1392 x 1040
NCG220 BAU-0220 1/1,8″ 1624 x 1266
NCG220c BAU-0221 1/1,8″ 1624 x 1266
NCG250 BAU-0250 2/3″ 2448 x 2050
NCG250c BAU-0251 2/3″ 2448 x 2050
NCG-312M.I NCG-312M.I 1/3″ 1288 x 960
NCG-312C.I NCG-312C.I 1/3″ 1288 x 960
NCG-320M.I NCG-320M.I 1/1,8″ 1624 x 1228
NCG-320C.I NCG-320C.I 1/1,8″ 1624 x 1228


Customer information on changing the camera model in a handy A4 format for printing.

Date: 21-05-2019

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