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What is NeuroCheck?

Software with impressive functionality

NeuroCheck is the ideal all-round software for demanding inspection tasks in manufacturing processes.

NeuroCheck software offers two user interfaces. One for the development of inspection solutions, the other for controlling automatic inspection.

From camera integration to result output to the control system or master computer – NeuroCheck meets all demands made of an image processing system with a single universal PC standard software. The entire functionality is presented using an ergonomic and intuitive Windows® user interface.

To use NeuroCheck, no programming skills are necessary.

The NeuroCheck software offers essential functions

NeuroCheck Manual Mode (Image © NeuroCheck)

Manual mode

Manual mode offers a development interface for the interactive graphical creation of an inspection solution. Here you define the logical structure of the check procedure and the parameters for executing the algorithms.

NeuroCheck Automatic mode (Image © NeuroCheck)

Automatic mode

In automatic mode, the previously created inspection solution runs automatically. The system monitor visualizes status and results in configurable windows. The process is controlled by a PLC or master computer.

NeuroCheck Camera integration (Image © NeuroCheck)

Camera integration

NeuroCheck supports a multitude of up-to-date digital cameras with established standards and various resolutions. Use the integrated „device manager“ to setup and configure the cameras comfortably.

NeuroCheck Image processing algorithms (Image © NeuroCheck)

Image processing algorithms

The software encapsulates the NeuroCheck image processing library with thousands of powerful and long-proven evaluation algorithms. The check functions are logically grouped into categories such as image capturing, pre-processing, analysis and gauging.

NeuroCheck Process integration (Image © NeuroCheck)

Process integration

For communicating with the supervisory control system, a number of modern standard interfaces are available. Execution of the inspection procedure can be affected dynamically by the process peripherals. Reversely, NeuroCheck also sends the inspection results and measurement values to the peripherals.

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Training program & support

NeuroCheck Training (Image © NeuroCheck)

NeuroCheck Training

To provide our customers with a better understanding of the functionality of the NeuroCheck software, we offer a comprehensive training program. Depending on the knowledge, there is the appropriate training for every user.

NeuroCheck Support (Image Fotolia©marog-pixcells)

Our Support-Team will help you with questions about the software

For questions and help all around the NeuroCheck software, please contact our support team. We therefore recommend that you send an e-mail and note your problem within or use our support request form. Your information helps us to provide you with advice specifically. Reach our support team as follows:

  • Support Software +49 7146 8956-40
  • Support Application +49 7146 8956-70

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