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The NeuroCheck Concept

Highest quality through unique combination of features

NeuroCheck encompasses the whole field of image processing. Functions from different areas supplement and strengthen each other. Whatever the type of application, you will be working within the same familiar environment.

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Check routines are developed directly on the target machine. You do not have to wait days for a costly specialist to reconfigure your application. A simple mouse click switches between developing and testing under real-world conditions.

NeuroCheck Software interactively (Image © NeuroCheck)


There is no programming involved; rapid visual point & click development takes the place of time-consuming compile and link cycles. In contrast, library-based solutions require you to implement a dedicated front-end for every installation. This may mean spending hours for achieving correct and stable capture of a camera image, something you can do with a handful of mouse clicks in NeuroCheck.

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With NeuroCheck you put your trust in a software that has been used for years throughout the world in mission-critical inspection systems right on the production line. Benefit thus from our many years lasting experience in integrating industrial machine vision systems.

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Running on the most widespread hardware platform in the world, NeuroCheck lets you benefit from the dynamic cost-performance evolution of the personal computer market. A lot of other image processing systems are based on special processors making you dependent on the technical progress of a single hardware supplier.

NeuroCheck Software Windows-based (Image © NeuroCheck)

Windows compatible

Do your image processing in the familiar Windows environment, exchanging images and data with all the standard desktop applications. This gives you an image processing system with the comfort and ease-of-use of a laboratory system, combined with all the function necessary for automated production applications.

NeuroCheck Software expandable (Imageo © NeuroCheck)


Some things simply cannot be generalized; therefore you can add your own functions to NeuroCheck to give it the little extra touch your application needs.

Get to know the NeuroCheck software

First impressions are provided by our demo version

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We have reserved your free demo version for you

Get to know the NeuroCheck software. For this, we have reserved for you your free demo version. Complete our contact form for your demo order, so you can create your first test program in a few days.

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NeuroCheck Training

To provide our customers with a better understanding of the functionality of the NeuroCheck software, we offer a comprehensive training program. Depending on the knowledge, there is the appropriate training for every user.

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