NeuroCheck Software Multilingual (Image © NeuroCheck)

NeuroCheck is available in several languages

New language diversity for global use

Multilingualism is of extreme importance when using a software product globally. Therefore, the new version 6.2 of the NeuroCheck visual inspection software is now available in several languages.

Besides German and English the following languages are supported:

  • French
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Spanish
  • Czech
  • Chinese NeuroCheck edition
NeuroCheck Software Multilingual Activation (Image © NeuroCheck)

Enabling multilingualism

Activating multilingualism in the software settings enables the user
to switch easily between language versions and view information in
the appropriate language.

NeuroCheck Software Multilingual Earth Globe Symbol (Image © NeuroCheck)

Multilingual text input

Click the »globe« icon to enter text in several languages.

NeuroCheck Software Multilingual (Image © NeuroCheck)

Switching languages

To conform with the Machinery Directive of the European Union, languages can be switched during runtime using the NeuroCheck Control Panel.

NeuroCheck Software Multilingual switching to other languages (Image © NeuroCheck)

Switching languages during automatic operation

Different languages can be selected via dropdown menu.

NeuroCheck Software Multilingual Chinese (Image © NeuroCheck)

Chinese character set

The integration of the Chinese character set into the software posed a special challenge. The large number of Chinese characters and their complex shapes mirror the fact the Chinese language has many dialects which causes differences in the spoken and written language from region to region. The Chinese character set can displayed in dialogs without any difficulty. Text can be transferred from Word or Excel using Copy&Paste.

Get to know the NeuroCheck software

First impressions are provided by our demo version

NeuroCheck Demo-Version

We have reserved your free demo version for you

Get to know the NeuroCheck software. For this, we have reserved for you your free demo version. Complete our contact form for your demo order, so you can create your first test program in a few days.

NeuroCheck Training

NeuroCheck Training

To provide our customers with a better understanding of the functionality of the NeuroCheck software, we offer a comprehensive training program. Depending on the knowledge, there is the appropriate training for every user.

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