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NeuroCheck License levels

We’ll find the right software application for every customer

We create our internationally leading standard software for industrial vision using modern development tools by Microsoft© and powerful, object-oriented programming languages such as C++ and C#. With each current version, our customers have benefit from the comprehensive know-how we have developed in years of practical experience developing optical inspection systems for industrial manufacturing.

Depending on the type of application, there are three license levels available.

NeuroCheck Premium Edition (Image © NeuroCheck)

Premium Edition

User-defined functions can be added to the system using special editors and software interfaces.

NeuroCheck Professional Edition (Image © NeuroCheck)

Professional Edition

Standard functionality for the typical image processing user.

NeuroCheck Runtime Edition (Image © NeuroCheck)

Runtime Editon

Cost-efficient duplication of completely configured visual inspection applications.

Features Overview






 Inspection in automatic mode X X X
 Any number of cameras X X X
 Integration of system into process environment X X X
 Editing of parameters and target values during runtime X X X
 Interactive design of check routines X X
 Use of interactive image analysis tool X X
 System security with user profiles X X
 Integration of user-defined functions (plug-in) X

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