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With the demo version, the fully functional NeuroCheck software with sample files and help system is at your disposal. When purchasing a license, the functionalities for process and camera connection will be activated. Therefore, with your demo version, you can not control any of the hardware components you need for an automated installation. The demo version can read image data only from files and output results only on the screen.

Automate your quality assurance – innovative, flexible and cost-saving.

ZIP - NeuroCheck Demo Version Download (Image © NeuroCheck)

NeuroCheck 6.2 Demo Version

Based on the modern .NET framework, NeuroCheck offers a user interface for the interactive development of test solutions and for automatic test operation. High-performance editors for visualization and process connection support the operator personnel in integrating the system into networked production facilities.

Note: The demo version is available in ZIP format, which makes it possible to merge several files in one package. This facilitates the process of downloading. If you have saved the ZIP file on your computer, “unpack” the package to access the files it contains. 

Date: December 21h, 2020
Size: 1.09 GB

NeuroCheck Support (Image © NeuroCheck)

Support – We will be pleased to help

As a NeuroCheck user, you not only benefit from high-performance software, but also from a comprehensive range of services. If you have technical problems, our support team will be pleased to help. The following contact options are available:

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