NeuroCheck goes 3D (Image © NeuroCheck)

3D image processing is becoming more and more important for industrial manufacturing.

With this in mind NeuroCheck GmbH has developed high-performance all-in-one solutions for challenging inspection tasks. Using the new Dimension 3D interface, various 3D sensors like laser scanners, stereo cameras (fringe or pattern projection) and time-of-flight sensors can be integrated into the image processing platform NeuroCheck 6.1. Depending on the customer’s requirements, this sensor selection allows for innovative solutions in areas like pick and place, height scans and surface analyses, completeness verification tasks, feature computation, gauging or 3D matching. Especially with the time-of-flight sensor Dimension NC3D-MK2, NeuroCheck is offering innovative and cost-effective solutions for large work volumes of up to 1.5m³. Several 3D inspection solutions have already been implemented in the medical and automotive industry.

Date: 10-02-2016

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