NeuroCheck Application area identification

Application area identification

Examples for identification

The automatic reading of 1D and 2D codes as well as the OCR / OCV character recognition for the unambiguous identification of the components is an important task in the manufacturing process. With NeuroCheck these tasks can be solved in a compact system or with several cameras.

NeuroCheck Identification type verification

Type verification of transmission shafts

Correct placement of the main and transmission shafts of a transmission with type-specific gear wheels, synchronous units and rolling cages is achieved with this application via a wide range of image processing functions. By determining the correct position of a component, diameter tests, characteristic identification and pattern comparisons, the assembly of the shafts and at the same time the type are controlled. The setpoints are obtained from a database with several thousand type variants.

NeuroCheck Identification Coding

Inspection of holographic safety features

At the Bundesdruckerei in Berlin, the machine-readable lines of all passports and passports from NeuroCheck are checked by means of OCR recognition. In order to display the holographic digits contrasts, a special LED illumination with a tuned wavelength is directed obliquely on the characters at a defined angle.

NeuroCheck Identification letter recognition

Code identification in inserting machines

Betron Control Systems GmbH uses NeuroCheck to implement reading systems for inserting machines. Depending on the application, bar codes, 2D codes or OCR techniques are used. NeuroCheck is used here as an integrated software component within the controller system developed by Betron.

NeuroCheck Identification Cash

Review of banknotes in Singapore

At Singapore State Postal Service, banknotes are checked prior to paper recycling at their nominal value on the crate. The challenge with this system is the highly varying position, orientation and height of the notes bundles in combination with the reflections through the foil into which the notes bundles are welded.

NeuroCheck Identification further lettering

Needed figures on metal

Needle-marked characters are often used for the marking of metal parts because they are very robust. The readability for an image processing system is difficult, however, since the digits decay into individual points, and the degree of variation can vary greatly depending on the degree of wear of the machine. By selecting the lighting and the NeuroCheck image processing functions such tasks are, however, solvable in a process-safe manner.