NeuroCheck GmbH is a leading company in the machine vision industry. Founded in 1993, NeuroCheck develops innovative machine vision systems for visual quality control in manufacturing.
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In more than 10,000 installations worldwide, our software tool NeuroCheck automates all kinds of visual inspection tasks.
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NeuroCheck and its system partners can offer you a complete turn-key vision system for the inspection of products at any stage of your manufacturing process.
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We also provide a wide range of customer training courses to enable you to create your own vision solutions.
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Latest News

  • First service pack for NeuroCheck 6.1
    Support for Microsoft Windows 10; Cameras with ultra-high resolution up to 20 MP; Several new features and improvements; ... FULL STORY
  • Successful business year 2014
    NeuroCheck is looking back on an eventful and successful year. FULL STORY
  • NeuroCheck applies focus-variable liquid lenses With the integration of variable-focus lenses, application solutions using NeuroCheck can be designed in an even more flexible and thus more cost-efficient way. FULL STORY



Understanding Image Processing

Competent users guarantee lasting success. NeuroCheck GmbH supports users with carefully designed training programs for optimal operation of the inspection system.

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  • Delphi
  • KIA
  • BD
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  • Jaguar
  • Harwin
  • Wrigleys
  • Bartec
  • Eaton
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